Git Tool

Git Tool #

git-secrets #

  • git-secrets scans a git repository, finds credential information and prevents them from being committed.

References #

Install #


$ brew install git-secrets
$ git clone
$ cd git-secrets
$ make install

Basic usage #

Set git-secrets to a git repository

$ git init
$ git secrets --install

Check commit history

$ git secrets --scan-history


$ git secrets --register-aws

git-split-diffs #

  • Display the results of the git diff command side by side like GitHub.

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Precondition #

  • npm or yarn

Install #

If you use npm

$ npm install -g git-split-diffs

or, if you use yarn

$ yarn global add git-split-diffs

Add configuration of git-split-diffs to .gitconfig #

$ git config --global core.pager "git-split-diffs --color | less -RFX"

Check #

$ git log -p
$ git diff <branch A> <branch B>

Additional info #

If you want to use light theme

$ git config --global split-diffs.theme-name light

If you want to use dark theme

$ git config --global split-diffs.theme-name dark

Adjust the minimum display width if you want to display the difference side by side even if the terminal display is narrow.

$ git config --global split-diffs.min-line-width 40