Job Interview

July 10, 2022
Job Interview, Career

Job Interview # Key Points # All answers connect to “Why should they hire you?” Candidate # Tell me about yourself? What are you passionate about? Anything you are passionate about? What’s your strength and weakness? What does your boss say about you? What’s your career plan? What was that you have inspired the most, recently? What would you like to accomplish in next 30 days? (or 90 days? ...

Career Link

April 1, 2022
Career, Links

Link # Tool # LinkedIn: 人脈構築 connpass: イベント GitHub: ポートフォリオ Meety: カジュアル面談 Zenn: 技術の記事と電子書籍 Qiita: 技術の記事 Tech Feed: 技術の記事のフィード Twitter DeepL: 翻訳ツール Mentimeter: Easy-to-build presentations, interactive Polls, Quizzes, and Word Clouds Volume Master Blog # TECH PLAY Blogs mercari engineering LINE Engineering M3 Tech Blog Yahoo! JAPAN Tech Blog RAKUS Developers Blog MEDLEY Tech Blog Job # japan-dev TokyoDev Training # cybozu New Grads Training 2021 mixi New Grads Training 2022 Git Test & Design New Grads Training 2021 Git DB Design Android iOS Frontend Game