March 18, 2023
zsh, brew, Mac, macOS

zsh # Terminal # Set zsh as a default shell # Check the default shell $ echo $SHELL /bin/bash Check a list of available shells $ cat /etc/shells /bin/bash /bin/csh /bin/ksh /bin/sh /bin/tcsh /bin/zsh Change the default shell from bash to zsh $ chsh -s /bin/zsh Copy configurations $ cat ~/.bashrc >> ~/.zshrc $ cat ~/.bash_profile >> ~/.zshrc Please rewrite the configuration for bash to the one for zsh ...


August 10, 2022
Homebrew, brew, Mac, macOS

Overview # Homebrew is a package maneger for macOS. Install # /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL" Command # Show help. brew help Update Homebrew itself. brew update Update packages. brew upgrade Install a package. brew install <package name> e.g. brew install wget Search a package. brew search <package name> brew search /regex/ List all installed packages. brew list List all installed packages with parent directories brew list -v Uninstall an package. ...


January 1, 2020
iTerm2, Mac, macOS

iTerm2 # What’s iTerm2 # iTerm2 is a terminal emulator for macOS Shortcuts # command description command + N New Window command + T New Tab command + return Maximize Window command + (◀ or ▶) Move Tab shift + command + D Split Horizontally with Current Profile command + D Split Vertically with Current Profile command + F Find option + command + F Replace shift + command + F Find in Files shift + command + H Replace in Files How to increase scrollback lines # iTerm2 > Preferences > Profiles Select a profile from Profile Name Click Terminal tab Change Scrollback lines: or check Unlimited scrollback How to input to multiple consoles at the same time # Shell > Broadcast Input > Broadcast input to All Panes in Current Tab How to output console log automatically # $ mkdir -p /Users/`whoami`/iTerm2/ iTerm2 > Preferences > Profiles Select a profile from Profile Name Click Session tab Check Automatically log session input to files in: Check log plain text Input the directory path How to change the background color of iTerm2 for each environment # Add color schemes to iTerm2 by referring to the following URL. ...

Mac Setting

January 1, 2020
Mac, Setting, macOS

Mac Setting # Safari # Empty Caches # Safari > Preferences Advanced Check Show Develop menu in menu bar Develop > Empty caches Proxy Settings # Switch On Safari > Preferences Advanced Change Settings... Select Proxies tab Check Web Proxy (HTTP) and enter proxy domain : proxy port Check Secure Web Proxy (HTTP) and enter proxy domain : proxy port Click OK Click Apply Restart Safari (It will take some time for the change to take effect) ...